Lameness and Sports Medicine

At Piedmont Equine our veterinarians have a deep interest in keeping your horse sound and competing at its highest level. Our doctors are well trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat lameness issues that affect horses of any discipline and level. A comprehensive lameness exam is the basis for a sound diagnosis and correct treatment approach. Our doctors combine years of experience with continued education to stay at the forefront of sports medicine. Lameness exams are performed at the hospital or on the farm where the horse may be observed on a variety of footings and sometimes under saddle to gain a true understanding of the level and extent of the lameness.

Eklin Digital Radiography and SonoSite Digital Ultrasound imaging systems allow us to provide a more accurate and rapid diagnosis. If we determine further advanced diagnostics, such as MRI or nuclear scintigraphy are necessary we will assist you in the referral process to facilitate scheduling at an institution of your choice to provide the most detailed and prompt diagnosis possible.

We offer traditional therapies as well as the latest treatments in regenerative medicine including stem cell therapy, IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein), and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

We work closely with farriers and encourage a team approach to finding the best possible solution for your horse’s podiatry needs. Our clinic is always available to farriers to work with us at the hospital. Proper hoof care is essential to maintaining soundness. We appreciate our hoof care professionals and enjoy the collaboration with them to optimize your horse’s comfort and performance.