Intership Program

Piedmont Equine provides an opportunity for veterinary students to gain meaningful knowledge and experience while working under the guidance of senior clinicians. All externs will have the opportunity to shadow our veterinarians throughout their day and will receive instruction based upon their experience and interest. Each of our four doctors will work with the extern to ensure that their learning goals are met.

Our practice offers a comprehensive program that allows interns to assist with hospital, outpatient as well as ambulatory services. We are known for performance horse lameness treatment as well as an extensive breeding program and routine equine care. Our practice located 60 miles east of Atlanta offers 24-hour services.

Piedmont Equine is a progressive practice that values new methodology and procedures. Our doctors are willing to invest in students to advance the equine veterinary field experience. We appreciate our clients and work to provide quality care and customer service.

The goal for the externship program at our practice is to provide exposure and a variety of equine experiences. Externs will be involved in every aspect of the practice.

Intern Duties:

June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020.

Intern Duties:

Daily intern duties will include: treatment and assessment of hospitalized patients prior to 8 AM morning rounds; after hours treatments and overnight observation of critical patients; accurate medical records, logs and client communication; participation in morning case rounds, as well as weekly journal clubs. During journal club, it is expected that the intern will present recent scientific literature from peer-reviewed journals and interesting cases with recent scientific literature supporting the cases. In the beginning of the internship, you will be partnered with a senior veterinarian having the opportunity to learn the area as well as our client base. Interns can expect to be involved with lameness examinations, general wellness, internal medicine as well as surgical procedures. Other diagnostic exams will include ultrasounds, radiographs, endoscopic exams, and laboratory analysis. Specifically during breeding season, our intern works closely with the recipient mare program and also manage in-house labs. Intern duties/time will be allocated based upon what is best for the intern’s advancement as well as for the practice.

Emergency Duty Requirements:

As confidence, experience and proficiency are gained, primary emergency on-call duties with decreased supervision will be assumed. Primary emergency duty on every other week of the month with a clinician providing secondary coverage as needed should be expected. Secondary duty on the alternating weeks will consist of maintaining in-hospital patients as needed and serving as back-up during high call volume times.

Salary: $27,000 per year, paid bi-weekly


One Continuing Education course ($1,500 limit)

PLIT Insurance ($1,700)

AAEP Membership Dues ($345/yr)

Paid Time off – Five days paid time off plus paid time off for one CE meeting

Application Process:

Externships are not required for internships; however, preference is given those that have completed an externship. Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered for interview

1. Letter of Intent

2. Completed application form

3. Resume

4. Three letters of recommendation

All documents should be sent to [email protected] within the application deadline. We also require that all externs have full medical benefits.

Download Application

Veterinarians at our practice: Visit our website ( for a more detailed biography on each member of our staff

Daniel R. Pike, DVM - Owner

John R. Elliott, DVM - Owner

Lianna R Osborne, VMD - Associate

Hope J. Burge, DVM - Associate

Chloe Hancock, DVM - Associate

Additional Information:

We invite you to visit our website for more information regarding our practice. If you would like to visit our practice or discuss the externship or internship possibilities, please contact our Practice Manager, Angie Sims at 706-752-1818 or [email protected]

Physical Address – 1051 Morris Road, Madison, GA 30650

Mailing Address – P.O. Box 1373, Madison, GA 30650


the externship offer pay, housing or vehicle? We are unable to provide any reimbursements, payment for time or housing at this time. We will assist in finding appropriate housing.

What do I wear? We always present a professional appearance and maintain a high level of personal grooming and hygiene always promoting the public image of our practice. Khakis, jeans or slacks; boots; shirts with collars.

Where do I go on the first day? Please arrive at our clinic located at 1051 Morris Road, Madison, Georgia by 8 AM. If you are running late due to traffic, please contact our office.